Recalling favourite Biotech play

Guys - my senility is playing up. Recently (last few days/weeks) someone dissected their favourite biotech play comparing pipeline assets to others. I think it was here or maybe NPI.

Anyone got any recollections/pointers?

I think it mentioned NKTR but can’t recall if that was the play or one of the comparisons. I thought it talked about potential vs Car-T and even CRISPR tech plays.

Am I losing my mind?

Thank in advance

Hi Ant, I think the post you are looking for is by HeartMD, post number 38040. If it is not, that post is still worth reading, very well thought out.

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Yeh I’ve been looking at that and I enjoyed it. My senility is so bad I can’t remember if that was the one I was thinking of.

I want to say yes but I’m pretty sure the post I was talking about compare companies and drug discovery technologies as well as reviewed assets in trial.