Recent article Inherited IRA's

The excerpt below is from a recent article in Barrons about recent law changes regarding inherited Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)'s

““Are there any other beneficiaries that can take RMDs based on their own life expectancy?
Yes. There are a few others. They include: beneficiaries who are no more than 10 years younger than the original IRA owner; those who are chronically ill or disabled, and minor children—not grandchildren—of the original owner.””

The beneficiaries to my IRA accounts are my minor grandchildren. So that last sentence leaves me hanging.
On a lighter note, we hope to be in Brooklyn the last week in September for the big book fair/festival, and to spend a few evenings at a nice little jazz club we found in the Bed-Sty area. (you can find out about the book fair online, with lists of authors and the venues where they might be speaking). In case anyone wants to tie in. I’ll be happy to buy you a beer or martini.

Thanks, I’ve got to look into that one closely. From your one sentence I’ve been considering the impact (assuming I have it right).

I have two step-daughters who will get pretty much everything, including my IRA and ROTH. My wife was ten years older than me, and the older step-daughter is nine years younger than me. So it sounds like she would avoid the ten-years to withdraw it all rule. The younger of them will (barring another change in the law) have to follow the ten year withdrawal rule. Today both IRA and ROTH are 50% to each. But with the law treating them differently, I might have reason to try to adjust things to compensate. Maybe.


P.S. We’ll be in Brooklyn for a week at the end of September, for their big book fair/festival, in case you want to jump on the train and tie in for a beer.