REIT investing- VNQ anyone

Looking at various REITS, VNQ is a catch-all. Approx 11% of it’s holdings consist of VRTPX, which I can find no information on. I appreciate any visibility into VRTPX a Fool can provide. Thanks.

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No idea about VRTPX. But have you considered PSR? Its an actively managed fund of REITs. So unlike VNQ which owns them all, PSR owns what they believe the best subset. I used to own them a few years back. Currently the only REIT I own is FPI.

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VRTPX is another Vanguard Real Estate Index fund, offered as an institutional investment in 401(k)s, etc. Here is a list of the holdings from Morningstar VRTPX – Portfolio – Vanguard Real Estate II Index | Morningstar


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Love VNQ, use it regularly as my asset allocation to USRE when it’s above its 6 month moving average. Easier than picking individual REITs just to get sector exposure, especially given the rotations happening with commercial re vacancy and rising interest rates; that said, there are a number of GREAT REITs out there with very high and safe dividend yields. When the RE market is trending well I’ll use both REITs and VNQ to make up the allocation. Two other good sector ETFs are FREL and RWR.

Thanks. Will investigate your suggestions.