REITs vs Treasuries

This 7 minute video presentation by REIT investor, Jussi Askola, makes a good case for why REITs are the better long-term investment and inflation hedge, and he also makes the case for investing in ARE:

(Long ARE)


REITs vs Treasuries seems like an Apple vs potato comparison. The two are in no way similar so why would anyone be trying to decide between the two?

ARE - Alexandria Real Estate Equities even more so. ARE is down 20% YTD and nearly 40% since 2021. It would take nearly 10 years at the current yield just to break even. It is currently trading at prices not seen since 2018.

Someone that is interested in Treasuries is very unlikely to accept that level of volatility.


Obviously, that depends on when you bought it and where the price goes from here.
As it happens, I am already in the black…

To be fair, I did just buy it in April of this year. It kind of gets lumped in with office REITs but it really specializes in lab buildings.