Remembering the mantra

Do you remember the mantra…more or less…?

Back in the early 1980s it is a tough job laying people off and cutting pay, “we have to do this” as in it sucks.

Did we really? Yes we did.

Somewhere along the way we lost track in some quarters that it is sorry behinded behavior to screw over your workers/neighbors.

More recently the same crowd is showing their colors towards women and minorities as in we wont screw over you just someone else who we deem as lesser than.

All of this is stupid as far as econ goes.

Ok, its painful. And maybe psychologicly damaging. What is the alternative? Moderation? Will it succeed economicly?

The alternative a long time coming is an industrial buildout along greener and greener lines. We are doing that.

But as some in 1981 danced on an econ grave to promote their own…it is time to dance again to bury again.