Reminder: NFL Game at 9:30 AM This Morning:

Tampa Bay Bucs vs Seattle Sea Hawks

  • Where: Allianz Arena – home of FC Bayern Munich | Munich, Germany
  • When: 9:30 a.m. ET on Nov. 13

Surprisingly not on TV in my area. (Omaha area)


Decent game, and fun to see fans of both teams sing a freaking John Denver song for a couple of minutes there at the end. Berliners and “Country Roads.”

Some highlights:

> Dolphins vs. Browns

Tua is the most accurate quarterback I’ve ever seen at this position on the Dolphins. And when he needs to drill it, it’s like a laser cannon.

Bills vs Vikings

Bills vs. Vikings (the end of this game is still ongoing and it is w-i-i-l-d. I thought this game was done and buried multiple times. Craziest ending this year.

Just watch the highlights. Amazing hustle and turn of events.

I’ll lay the highlights link here after the game is done:

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