OT: To Bear

Presumably you are a fan of the Crimson Tide.
Sorry about the outcome last night. It was a phenomenal game. One of the best ever for a national title IMO.

But someone else needed to win as Bama has won too much.

Slow day on the boards here so didn’t feel too bad about the OT apps that.


I’m sure Saul won’t mind one or two off topic posts. After all, the national championship only comes around once a year. That said, I’ll try to cap it here.

Yes, it was somewhat frustrating to watch Alabama’s offense…I thought they should have run the ball more. But Clemson (and esp Watson) played a hell of a game. Definitely deserved the win.

The market seems to like it (haha).


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Two quick things:

Since you brought up the running game, losing Scarborough with a broken leg in the 3rd quarter really hurt them.

And since we like to make predictions here, I have two.

#1 - It won’t be long before Bama is back in the title game and wins!

#2 - Watson will NOT be a good NFL QB. He is hindered with the blessing of speed. I realize that sounds oxymoronic, but it is not for NFL QB. Speed kills…

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