Reminder- Palantir Earnings call

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE:PLTR) today announced the opening of a shareholder Q&A platform to be used in its upcoming earnings call. Palantir is scheduled to release Q4 2020 earnings at 6:00am MT / 8:00am ET on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.…


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As far as I am concerned, Palantir is not yet a Saul stock. I need to tease out the growth, and TAM of the new commercial products before any kind of determination can be made.

The demo day helped, but the earnings will give real clues but may not give a real trend for another year.




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Saul is a retired individual that has had very good results investing in growth companies.

In the last few years the SaaS companies have provided the best and fastest growth. Today, we are seeing a group of companies that have in excess of 50 percent year over year growth with high gross margins and significant recurring revenue.

Palantir is a new company, and depending on the metrics, (I intend to do a deeper dive on this earnings call), it may or may not have all the growth needed to enter into MY, Saul portfolio.

Typically, there is no magic number, but I have to believe that Palantir will grow faster, and/or appreciate faster than companies like Crowdstrike, Cloudfare, Snowflake and Datadog.

Having said that, I heard numbers that ranged from 30 percent annual growth projected to 107 percent growth year over year in some metrics. I did not hear recurring revenue, but there was some oblique reference to it I think.

Also, because this company is so new as a public company, we do not have a solid year over year metric for multiple years like we do with other high growth high conviction companies.

While I did add some shares on the AI driven dip this morning, I have not made this into a full
position and will not until I can perform a decent write up.

Finally, I recommend all new comers to read the most excellent knowledge base that has been generously provided at no cost. (However, if you wish to write a check to someone for the 50,000 dollars that it is worth. . . :grin:)