Reopening the Red Sea?

Really, markets are thinking that far ahead? Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas could potentially allow shipping traffic to resume using the Red Sea and Suez Canal.

Like there’s currently dozens and dozens of vessels chomping-at-the-bit to use the Southern entrance of the Red Sea! I would bet it will take at least 10 days before any meaningful traffic hits the Red Sea upon a formal ceasefire.

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At least one tanker company CEO (Frontline’s CEO Lars Barstad) has come out and said, Frontline vessels are not likely to return to the Red Sea “anytime soon”

It might be a question that analysts ask at a shipping company’s next earnings call. Tsakos Energy (TNP) has not yet reported Q1 2024 figures yet. TNP mgmt might be the first to get the question posed.

No crasefire will will be accepted by Netanyahu or Hamas until US presidential elections are over in November.