Repairing an Out of Warranty EV

AS time passes and as more EVs hit the roads and people of lesser means buy used rather than new what are their options when their EV goes on the fizz?
I am sure Tesla and other EV manufacturers will be willing to look at your vehicle.
But those manufacturers are used to working on warrantied EVs. Whether it is a motor problem or a battery pack problem they replace the whole unit. They don’t delve into a battery pack to find bad cells. And this means big repair bills for the out of warranty EV owner.
IC vehicle owners learned that a good independent shop can perform repairs at reduced cost than a dealer.
As of yet there are very few independent EV repair shops. First off the skill set of a repair is much different than existing technician skill set. The new skill set will require electronics & electric engineering skills rather than wrench turning.[1]
I think schools will arise to teach the skills necessary to repair EVs.[2] Likely they will be like coding schools that are 1 year of intense learning to master the subject.
Also at the present time one can only get repair parts from a manufacturer. I expect that will change as millions of EVs increase to tens of millions; then hundreds of millions of EVs. Third party EV parts manufacturers will arise.

I have found 2 independent shops.
The first has 2 locations on the east coast:
The second has 1 location in Arizona:

[1]The Mechanic of the Future | Gruber Motors

[2]Auto repair professor launches an EV repair course - The Verge
Clean Tech Institute | Certified Electric Vehicle Technician training program

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When people don’t have money to throw at the problem their ingenuity takes over. Colombia used to be Venezuela’s poor brother. My Dodge Dart with a very heavy Brazilian made V8 needed the front suspension repaired on a frequent basis. When I took it to a Colombian mechanic he fixed it for good by reinforcing the suspension by welding it instead of replacing the broken parts.

The Captain


Yep. Cuba has managed to keep lots of cars from the 50s era running. One disadvantage is that they use a lot more gasoline than modern cars use.

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2 types of repairs / service needed on EVs including Teslas: battery/motors/electronics, and everything else (wheels/brakes, suspension, body parts, brake fluid).

Wheels, tires and (I think) brake fluid can be handled by wheel/alignment shops. I’m not sure about brakes because haven’t needed to get those replaced yet. The rest = dealer.

Tesla’s service centers have been expanding, slowly but they’re all near cities. There’s now one in a more populated area 40 miles south of me as of a year ago. But Tesla uniquely provides mobile service - and those techs get ground up with work. I had a broken suspension control arm bushing replaced for a very reasonable price last month in my garage. Kid was driving up to 200 miles a day.

Although it’s obvious why they don’t want anyone but company techs touching the battery & electronics, I’m not sure why they don’t sell the parts to let repair shops fix the non-electronics. Their service reputation is mixed at best; I assume it’s because they’re producing parts for growth, not maintenance. I’d be p***ed if I still had to bring my 12 yo Nissan to the dealership, by comparison.

One of the Electrified Garages is near me. I stopped using them on price - outrageous - and they seem to be focusing on the wealthy mod market.

'19 M3


Non dealer service, repairs, in my case with the new '23 Rav4 Hybrid is off the table for now, warranty, etc… Even tires, brakes take a bit of septic training. Brakes for instance, there is a mode it needs to be put in to de-energize the brakes fir the work… Tires, the TPM has to be reset… It’s all a multitude of computers, to where I haven’t even bothered to open the hood… No 12v battery there, it’s in the right rear… The main 240v battery is under the rear seat… Not safe for us shade tree mechanics to dive in there, could be extremely costly… Zapping the computer systems, pretty spooky… I imagine the dealer techs have a lot of training hours…

Over time it will be interesting to see how it all plays out…


Well, as a recent buyer of the 2024 RAV4 Hybrid, I’m hoping you keep us all informed! I was wondering if there was any way to actually turn-off the display? And I’m never sure if I have locked the car. So much ‘new learning’ needed. But I do find it pretty nice to have driven 120 miles and the gas gauge hasn’t moved!



Wow! Is it a plug-in hybrid?

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A global shortage of technicians and independent repair shops qualified to fix electric vehicles (EV) threatens to increase repair and warranty costs for drivers, potentially undermining upcoming deadlines to cut vehicle carbon emissions.

From Milan to Melbourne to Malibu, technician training organizations, warranty providers and repairers say that independent repair shops will be vital for making EVs affordable because they are far cheaper than franchise dealers.

In the United States, the world’s No. 2 auto market after China, EV sales growth has trailed Europe’s, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts around 80,000 electrician jobs will be needed annually through 2031, which includes technicians to fix EVs or install EV chargers.

Display, Dash or multimedia? Not likely the dash, the multimedia screen, I generally pick Waze from my CarPlay, aka Apple iPhone, as it seems to be easier to read, is up to current traffic, etc…

Might depend in the model as well, ours is the Limited so maybe even more buttons and such…

DW was concerned at seeing the “PASS AIRBAG OFF” so I had to look it up and see that it was normal without a passenger in the seat… Lots of little things…

Today I tried to make sense of the SiriusXM Radio trial, about to expire, whether to transfer the account I already have in my F150 to the RAV4 or just let the trial expire, use CarPlay instead, definitely do not want both subscriptions… Gave up for now…

Steve Welch to the rescue. And I assume, a newer display.

ralph mine is a 2019 with a pos display. I hope yall got newer, more functional displays.


Thank you so much - I hope that works for my multimedia display.


I was interested in the multi-media display - but the answer is below (I hope). And I completely understand; I drive alone and am constantly getting messages about my rear passengers needing to fasten their seat belts because I put an item in the back seat!!! Or when I travel and have a bag with my second key in it and can’t lock the doors because it detects a key in the cabin!!! So I have to carry two keys!

But I’ll eventually get used to the idiotsyncrasies and move on - I generally like it so far.


No, it is just a hybrid and recharges itself with regenerative braking and a bunch of tricks. But, driving around town it seems to just keep going. Of course it no longer coasts - I had a Town & Country and there was a hill in town that I could coast (staying above 20mph) for about 1 mile (until I hit a hill) - Now I’m lucky to get down the hill if I’m going for a coast. You can feel the drag.
And when I say the gas gauge hasn’t moved - it has probably moved a hair or so, not quite to the first marker. The first marker is about 2.5 gallons.


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Faraday cage / bag.

Or, Wrap the spare key in a piece of heavy duty tin foil.
Or, pull the battery.
My fobs come apart fairly easily. And, I carry a spare battery, in the console.



Ahhh… Too easy… Or, maybe, haven’t tried it, but “Hey Toyota” “Dim my screen!” might work…

I tell it to Open Sirius, at least during the trial… Many other things to discover…

Just found out I can brighten the 'Puddle Lights" to brighter LEDs, an Alia 194 bulb is ordered, on the way, maybe tricky to install, tho…

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Thanks but I already ordered and received a Faraday bag and it works fine. Perhaps the car should come with one bag as part of the deal?

All a learning experience; I’ll get over the frustrations eventually or find a work-a-round.


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Get a small metal box and put the second key (inside the car) in that. A Faraday cage might also work (don’t know). Or ask a tech if there are any small bags/boxes/whatever that will block the signal sent to the inside-the-car key. A small bag with the second key would be easy to hide.

Ask the Interweb.

Third party repair locations in CA

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