Reporting Dates of Interest - At Least to Me

Here are some QTRLY reporting dates of possible interest. I wanted to post a potential ER calendar for the roster and while I think they are mostly correct and on-target, it might be extra good to double check. You don’t any of those pesky reports to sneak up on you.

TMDX - Today After the Close

Here is a SA overview of what’s expected.

SMCI - 5/2 After the Close

Pre-Announced with this result:

MELI - 5/3 After the Close

Here was one man’s opinion after their last report:

DDOG - 5/4 Reports Pre-Market

Last report: they got hammered. I have no proof of this, but companies that report before the market opens usually do so because they have good news to report. Please note that if you have proof otherwise please keep it to yourself and do not intrude upon my delusions.

BILL - 5/4 After the Close.

I think it was the Bill report that was sort of the canary in the coal mine that should/maybe did, as far as I know, alert folks that trouble in paradise was coming.

TTD- After the Close

Not sure what to expect but last TTD report drove the stock price higher by 15% or so and as a cherry on top they announced a massive stock buy-back program. Fun times. Whether that warranted a Starter level investment or not might be initially answered shortly.


MNDT- 5/15 After the Close
GLBE - 5/17 After the Close
ONON - Maybe 5/17 ?
IOT - 5/26 After the Close
CRWD - 6/2
S - 6/5

Those are the ones I have. If you have other companies that you are invested in or even just interested in please post the reporting dates.

All the Best,


TMDX - No Dagger/No Hammer.

The company reported good numbers with GAAP EPS Beating by 19 Cents and Revenue Growth of 161%. Raised Guidance above consensus:

Stock up between 3-4% during After Hours trading. We’ll see if they blow it in the CC.

All the Best