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Athens was the birthplace of ancient democracy. England was the birthplace of modern democracy.

While Dr. David Starkey addresses Britain’s current political problems his presentation covers the history that allowed England to become the birthplace of modern democracy. That is a fascinating journey worth knowing and understanding.

A Labour Government Should FRIGHTEN Us All. To Save Britain We Must REVERSE Blair’s Revolution

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The Tories are so far underwater, after 14 years in power, that they would probably grasp any straw, including fear-mongering.

Do you have an opinion on Dr. David Starkey’s presentation. I posted it because it’s much deeper than an upcoming election.

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Do you have any links to materials supporting the policies? The economics can be measured out by economists well in advance.

We know Friedman was a complete idiot. Samuelson proved him an absolute dope. I should use the word pompous.

Samuelson used metrics. Dollar for dollar anything Friedman said was plain stupid in econ terms. Absolutely loser ideas for the US economy.

Can I say that any clearer?

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I think Hayek was brilliant and is well worth studying, but that Starskey is (as is now customary) distorting his perspectives. That Starskey was one of the key “media presenters” arguing for the insane self-mutilation of Brexit gives me big pause.

Even worse than the USA, the politics of Great Britain are in deep doodoo, with superficial positioning far outrunning serious policy discussions, let alone any focus on finding and putting into office persons with the skill for effective long term management.

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Labor got rid of the garbage Corbyn offered.

Labor is pro infrastructure. Just like in the US.

The US and UK ride together. The Brexiters did the UK an unintended favor separating out from supply-side econ in Central Europe as is now coming about. The Brexiters did it out of bigotry as usual.

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I was not referring to current politics which do suck but to the working of the unwritten British constitution. One brilliant example, if you have “equality under the law” you don’t need special protections for specific groups as that makes it unequal under the law. Back in the mid 1980s I saw the quota system being adopted to enforce Civil Rights and I knew it would blow up as indeed it has. It institutionalized racism and sexism. Hate speech laws are just as bad. Censorship is just as bad. Like not being allowed to call female dogs beaches! Childish at best.

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