The Gathering Crisis (UK)

This guy is a little over-the-top, but he points out a number of very grim indicators for the UK: the drought, Brexit, high inflation, energy shortages, etc. Looks grim.…


Add to the list of grim indicators huge loads of turds and tides of “brown” water that threaten to solidify around much of the “Sceptered Isle”.

This is happening through

  1. the unchecked abusive power of the “If we can get away with it, then lets do it” corruption of the British Water/Sewage Corporations largely privatized in the last two decades and operating for profit against the public interest;

  2. the money flowing from those corporations to Parliament to insure legal controls in the public interest are toothless;

  3. Brexit removing the EU controls that had worked well enough, although not optimized for English conditions……

david fb


I wonder how many countries and which ones are in crises? How does one define crisis in a nation? Which countries are not in crisis?

Wife and I got up yesterday morning, feeling a bit bored after denying so much for covid so hopped in the little Micra and drove down to the Halifax waterfront. Parking is free on Sundays. We started at one end and strolled for a couple of hours while stopping to watch kids playing, buskers belting out there wares, toured the WWII Corvette (HMCS Sackville that has had a spruce up and looks really spiffy). The tour is free but donations to the people that take care of her are appreciated. Checked in on the tourist shops and wide variety of food vendors and skipped the Museum. Carried on walking past the tour operators that take tourists (many elderly with poor mobility) for harbour cruises. Stopped for an Ice coffee and a wrap for lunch. We looked around the Privateers Warehouse with over priced souvenirs. Lots of new things to see (we hadn’t been there for a couple of years).

We then headed back towards where we had left our car stopping along the way to watch little tykes get their faces painted and listen to the bagpipes of a lone piper. Peeked into Pier 21 which is now our Immigration Museum and where many of our new immigrants go to be sworn in as new Canadians.

Crisis must I suppose be things like drought, flooding, high gas and food prices? Perhaps it is when three Dutch commandos are shot while in US for training? Read that the California water police are going after the famous (wealthy) people with large fines and water restrictors in their hoses. The Kardashian crowd must be complaining?

The drive home was uneventful until we got in the condo door met by our angry (spoiled) wild cat. We checked our sports watches and got a combined > 44,000 steps. The cat got over it as she woke me this morning by purring in my ear at 0520.

Tim <Europe’s failure to plan crisis is not a crisis on my part, nor are insane US politics and politicians> }};-@…

Good luck with the space shot today.


The Tory leadership frontrunner, Liz Truss, was responsible for cutting millions of pounds of funding earmarked for tackling water pollution during her time as environment secretary, the Guardian can reveal.

Truss, who was in charge at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) between 2014 and 2016, oversaw “efficiency” plans set out in the 2015 spending review to reduce Environment Agency funding by £235m.

This included a £24m cut from a government grant for environmental protection, including surveillance of water companies to prevent the dumping of raw sewage, between 2014-15 and 2016-17, according to the National Audit Office.…

Liz Truss should be called Liz Turds. She was as bad on environment as the EPA leadership of our previous president.

Privatization has caused so much trouble for the people of UK. I was often in England in the 1995-2002 time frame. I saw how the people were so upset with water meters being installed on their homes and buildings so that water corporations (not government) could control their lives. Even Bechtel got in on the lucrative business in UK and other places. The public ended up paying highway robbery rates, and they supplied poor quality water while water mains were leaking badly and going unfixed.


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