Research Identifies Consistent Markers for Long-Haul COVID

It’s about time… A study published in Nature addresses two key patterns — a difference in activity of T-cells and B-cells in the immune system and lower levels of cortisol – found in long-haul COVID patients and concludes that with these indicators, there definitely is a biological basis to the variety of symptoms experienced by these patients. According to the story, about 1 in 13 Americans who contracted COVID have some degreee of long-haul hangover.

Here’s the article link:

A key finding within the research was that these altered factors seemed to suppress the effectiveness of the immune system so other lurking viruses the body had previously suppressed such as Epstien-Barr would re-assert themselves. This certainly seems to match up with symptoms reported by millions who are suffering.

The real key here is that this may lead to a more consistent diagnostic test to make it easier for those with long haul COVID to prove they have it to doctors, health insurance firms and disability insurance firms to obtain proper treatment and aid in the meantime until hopefully a cure can be found. The same findings might apply to those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.



With Delta and prior variants it also marries another idea. My dad said early on the problem with Covid 19 there is no rhyme or reason but it attacks the body in different ways from patient to patient. Other diseases do not do that. At least not in the same way. And perhaps limiting that statement to viruses compared to say a metastasized cancer.