Revenues from CRWD's SEC Prospectus

Let’s hope this comes out better than my last attempt at posting a table on another subject. I owe thanks to CMF_muji for the link to proper posting; but any mistakes are purely my own.

		             Year Ended January 31														
		2017		2018		2019												
Subscription	37,895		92,568		219,401
Professional 	30,423		14,850		 26,184				
Total 		52,745		118,752		249,824			


Seeing it in this table makes it look more compelling. Subscription revenue is growing fast and growth does not seem to be falling off. M

I just don’t know their advantage over other cloud based endpoint systems. Having the biggest “crowdsource” may be an advantage

12x, I’m listening to a long,rambling podcast from SA where they they raise some of your concerns.

Here are some of my takeaways.

  1. One negative they noted was the high S&G cost compared to R&D.
  2. But they really liked its high (140%) net retention rate.
  3. Said Bert of SA gave it a “bullish” review at the IPO (I have not seen that review so can’t comment further. See below for some of his public comments.
  4. Commented that Gartner gave CRWD a very high rating for customer/employee satisfaction.
  5. They just were uncertain whether the company has moat capabilities. They were honest in expressing their ignorance. Perhaps Bert would have a more receptive view.

Here’s what Bert wrote on comments available to the public: (…

CrowdStrike is planning its IPO for 6/12/19.
The current estimated share price has been increased to $30 which will give the company a market capitalization of $6 billion.
The shares will almost inevitably trade higher-and perhaps much higher.
The company is experiencing one of the more rapid growth rates to be seen in the cyber-security space, with growth actually greater than that of Zscaler.
The company has built a new paradigm-a new way of providing end-point security that is likely to replace the solutions offered by McAfee and Symantec over time.”

Earlier, Jim posted that MF has a podcast comparing CRWD to ZS, but I could not find it. Anyone have a link?