Rich Men North of Richmond

I think this is going to be as big as the Barbie movie. It sounds like the lyrics were written by Private Equity.



The stupid thing is blaming the poor. Give them a job big man.

Robin Williams used to have in his movie production contracts that several homeless people be hired on set during production.

Just singing a song to put down the needy is shameful. I guess going to church makes it okay? So you saw a BMW? I know a German car mechanic in the poorest city in my state. He has the poor nephews come and want free work on their uncle’s gift of a used Mercedes or whatever. Don’t judge a book by the cover. Poor is poor.

Took the time to go beyond the reporter’s take. Oliver Anthony was doing something hard and different with his lyrics.

Just looking over his wiki and the video. He is self admittedly mentally ill. The song is great and then ramble. He is expressing what a lot of hardworking men with dirt on their hands really feel. It does not add up to them. None of it adds up to them.

Lying to them has been cruel. Elites blaming welfare to manipulate them as hard hard work is done is just pounding them down with lies. No healthcare is a lie. No retirement another lie. No education for them another lie. No education for their children another lie.

To the guys here who think working the system and arguing for a tax break is the norm…take a look at a very pained soul crushed by all the lies for your tax break. Then realize very few people here actually get that tax break. You probably pay more in taxes because we have three levels of government. You have fewer services. It is not just the actual cash but how well you live.

Then think of all the factories not built in the US and how we the investor class were hurt in things like not expensing stock options etc… We were endlessly lied to as well.

If you do not know when you were lied to you are an idiot.

My take Oliver Anthony the stage name knows he is lied to but has no clue what the lies are.


Nothing new under the sun department. Billy Joel, forty years ago.



I bet there’s some hieroglyphs and cuneiform lyrics, lamenting the same, too.



In potentially related “news”, heard a very brief mention on the local news a couple nights ago, but no detail. Had to dig for an article that was not behind a paywall.

The number of babies being born in Michigan is the lowest since 1940.

Naturally, the Shiny faction that is currently out of power in Lansing blames this multi-decade trend on the current folks in power in Lansing, and insists the cure is to return to their policies, of the last several decades, of showering more loot on the “JCs”, while taking away from everyone else.

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I’m working on a new country tune that I anticipate will be more successful than my Whacky Wolf NFT collection.

My working title is: It’s Everyone’s Fault Except Mine.


If I may?
At about the 3:10 mark, David gives some suggestions for the perfect country western song:

And here’s a classic about whose fault it is?
“His mother made him what he is”

Just trying to help.

Already done, thirty years ago. Of course, we now have a very prominent 'thought leader" whose entire thing is complaining about what a victim he is.


Rich men north of Richmond are the same as rich men everywhere. They’re not paying enough in taxes. He lost me when he complained about welfare cheats able to afford junk food. Really, dude, it’s the rich men not paying taxes. Even his dog had his head down.


I left out that the rich men also aren’t paying this cracker, and most other workers, a living wage. That’s worth singing the blues.


That is a great tune. My favorite ( and very underrated ) Eagles song:

(1) Long Road Out of Eden - YouTube

“Weaving down the American highway
Through the litter and the wreckage and the cultural junk
Bloated with entitlement, loaded on propaganda
Now we’re driving dazed and drunk…”

Henley nailed that song !

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It might sell. But oh hell!

This was the ultimate sorrow song.