Oliver Anthony sends us back to school

This is all about econ. He is putting it to us take care of our own. That means all of us. Including top to bottom.

My own take optimize the US economy.

He is rising above the fray. Meaning he wants nothing. Not the $8 million touring contracts. Not the right or the left. He thinks they are all full of it. Good on him.

He is just an ejit with a guitar if you ask him. He certain has said it.

This is not exactly about his actions today. Which are linked.

This is about those who gots and have no shame. They do not need shame but please folks I hope some with a heck of a lot have more decency than this beat up by life recovering drunk.

He is doing us all a favor many times over. As far as my left leaning press get off it. He is not some sort of conspiracy nut.

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