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Id like your thoughts on if you would hold or sell the following compnies showing the current return from my buy in price.
Charlottes Web -80%
Fastly -68%
Invitae -73%
Proto Labs -60%
Viatris inc -31%

Apart from Viatris I can not see a break even or profit from the other companies.


You asked what to do about these five stocks: CWBHF, FSLY, NVTA, PRLB, VTRS. The horse is already out of the barn on all of them, and your basic mistake is this. You went ‘long’ rather than ‘selling short’.

Whoever told you to buy those stocks is an idiot who doesn’t understand investing. Whatever he/she/they are telling you, you need to do the opposite to make money.


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You did not fill out your rap sheet to figure out what kind of investor or trader you are and or risk management skills you may have.

Going to assume you are a HODLer (holding on for dear life) and the person or persons recommended those stocks, should have been fired.

This is a traders market you MUST learn how to read charts to make your own informed decision.

On the other hand, we as swing traders while your losing ASSets have made huge profits since JULY 2015 for VTR with ZERO LOSSES…

FSLY appears to be a Frontrunning stock or a PND and you were set up to take the fall. Doesn’t matter you could have made a lot of money.

eg . from 3/16/20 to 10/13/20 you could have had 6 out 6 successful trades with a gain of about 1,136.3640 percent profit. And thereafter it was downhill ever since. After that date, you could have had 9 out of 9 more successful trades even though it was on a downhill slide.
3/16/22 gave a buy signal.

Something to ponder going forward. If you trust, you must verify.

Quillnpenn -

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