$RIVN Begins Delivery of R1S SUVs to Customers

I love that color scheme. Very Keysy. I also like the shape of this SUV. I’d drive one of these after a year of feedback from first adopters. (But I’m also loving that new Chevy Blazer.)

Electrek headline: Rivian begins delivering its R1S electric SUV to customers
Jameson Dow

- Aug. 27th 2022 3:44 am PT


The Rivian R1T has been out to the public for months now, and the R1S has seen several employee deliveries. But this week we saw the first non-employee customer deliveries of the new R1S SUV.

The R1S is the SUV sibling to the R1T electric truck, with third row seating and an enclosed rear end, though with a shorter overall length and wheelbase than the truck. Seth drove the R1S back in July, and mused that it could be “the best SUV ever made.”

The first R1S were delivered in December, though those went to CEO RJ Scaringe and CFO Claire McDonough. In June, Rivian said that customer deliveries of the R1S could start as early as August, so it looks like they’ve just hit that timeline. Though this was pushed back from earlier timelines – last November, the earliest R1S delivery windows were around March-April.

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