Room temperature superconductivity

The results still need to be confirmed, but researchers at the University of Rochester announced a breakthrough in superconductivity. Achieving this electrical property has been limited to very low temperatures and/or very high pressures, and therefore is usually not very practical. Reportedly, they have now achieved superconductivity at relatively high temperatures and lower pressure. It still requires some pressure, but this would be a major game changer in several applications, if it turns out to be true. It would make building a nuclear fusion reactor somewhat easier, as one example.

  • Pete

I lost enough money on AMSC to ignore room temperature superconductors. The Chinese stole their windmill IP. the Tres Amigas exchange was a great idea but died

Tres Amigas SuperStation

However, the project has since fallen silent, and as of 2021, company officials are unreachable.

Wait for room temperature superconductors to Cross the Chasm before throwing money at it.

The Captain


One article I read today says the same group submitted a paper a year or so ago with similar claims that later turned out to be false/not replicable. Maybe they fixed the issue but not holding my breath.

That was covered back in March. Today another journal is retracting a different paper by Dias from two years ago.