Root canal marketing dentist

My dentist is semi-retired. He is a great guy. He was confused about my tooth infection. He thought I had a cracked tooth so a root canal would not work. But for the life of him could not see a crack. He was perplexed.

I went shopping in the last two days for a second opinion. Another dentist saw the x-ray and said no cracked tooth do a root canal. I have one schedule with the first dentist.

And that is what this is about…medical people using AI.

One of the local dentists got my name and number but we did not make an appointment. In fact, I am not certain that I spoke to anyone at all. if I remember correctly I left my information on an answering machine and never got a call back.

Then later today I received two obvious AI texts from the dentist’s office. This is a dentist I do not know.

AI is a problem. Using it to meet people? Really? Doctors have to actually show up. I get saving money, and marketing to people.

How am I supposed to have faith in a doctor doing a minor surgery that contacts me with flimsy little AI text messages?

We have a local dentist’s chain practice. Going there seems like going to the dental college for the local homeless folks who just take their chances. The practice I got the texts from was getting down in the gutter as far as I can see.

Don’t most people go to an Endodontist for root canals? I’ve never had one done by a General Dentist. I’d definitely be suspicious of a general dentist bulk mailing offers to do root canals.


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I have had them done by various private dentists, none were endodontists (to my knowledge). There is a dental school at the U of MN that offers lower-priced dental work by dental students (under supervision, of course). Getting in is the hard part due to high demand.

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Absolutely! I’ve been getting my dental work done at the OHSU Dental School for about 15 years. It’s about 1/2 the price of a private dentist in town, but you do spend a longer time in the chair since the student often needs to wait for the professor to check the progress of what he’s doing before proceding.



That is because experience really matters.

Some dentists do root canals. It is not that big a deal. It will take one hour. The cost will be around $1600…ouch!

Oh, it’s a big deal, alright. Some dentists can make it seem like it’s not. The acquisition of knowledge, skill and expertise to be able do that costs a fair bit more than $1600 (not to mention the other expenses of providing the services associated)

Sounds like a bargain to me…and a good reason to prevent the need.

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My idea of slick marketing was to educate new staff/chairside assistants into appropriate verbiage. As in…

“Wow, Dr. N…you made that look so easy!”

…as opposed to…

“Oh…that was easy”

…lest the paying customer think that they don’t deserve a paycheck this week.

The beauty of a small business…everyone knows where their paycheck comes from (if they have any gumption)

My dentist did my root canal but I went to an oral surgeon to remove my wisdom teeth.