Ruhaan's portfolio month end Jan/2021

January 2021 Portfolio update

Portfolio Performance so far: 5.45%


Roku (roku)	        19.53%
Crowdstrike (crwd)	11.61%
Pintrest (pins)	        11.55%
DataDog (ddog)	         8.11%
Peleton (pton)	         7.21%
Teladoc (tdoc)	         6.78%
Zoom (zm)	         6.00%
Stone (stne)	         5.41%
Alteryx (ayx)	         4.52%
Docusign (docu)	         4.18%
Transmedics (tmdx)	 4.08%
Atomera (ATOM)           0.78% -- New try out position
The Trade Desk (ttd)	 1.37% -- Holding till the tax status changes
Google (goog)	         0.66% -- Holding till the tax status changes
CASH                     8.18%

Added a little to AYX, PINS and ZM: I think Zoom phone as its install base grows becomes an important growth segment. I liked the update that they have sold over 1MM zoom phones already. There is a reason why I think CFO mentioned zoom phone will be the focus this year. While it’s hard to compete with free (MS Team), if the enterprise customers and small companies consolidate their communication around Zoom Video and Zoom phone, I believe it will give them some much needed staying power. They can sell bundled price for both video and phone and make it enticing enough for customers to keep both MS Team (because it free) and Zoom. Most everyone in the company will use Zoom as we do though we have both :wink:

No change in thinking on AYX and PINS. I still like them and will be looking forward to Quarterly earnings report. My only concern with AYX is, I may loose patience with them if it continues to drift. Will just have to see.

New position ATOM, DOCU
ATOM is a try out position. They have developed interesting technology that can help boost the performance of the semiconductor chips. However they are pre revenue and it takes time to get things tested and QA approved. Docusign, I have liked the business for a long time. Just did not have the conviction till I joined this board. However, easy money may have already been made. There is some uncertainty in my mind with DOCU and AYX. I might keep one or the other just to keep my total positions small. Ideally to no more than 10.

AMZN, Trimmed TDOC. As mentioned in my last update, AMZN was a long term holding but was looking to sell it. I trimmed TDOC opportunistically when it quickly rose from 200 to 280. No major shift in thinking. Will continue to hold the rest and may add more in the future.

Bought and Sold:
FUBO. I like the sports betting aspect that they are trying to develop. However at the moment they don’t seem to be able to cover their variable cost. As they add more subscribers there is a potential they will loose more money. Will be watching it but not ready to commit yet.