Ruhaan's portfolio month end Feb/2021

Feb 2021 Portfolio update

Portfolio Performance YTD: 7.37%

Roku (roku)			19.48%
Pintrest (pins)			14.74%
Crowdstrike (crwd)		11.40%
DataDog (ddog)			10.24%
Peleton (pton)			7.95%
Transmedics (tmdx)		6.94%
Teladoc (tdoc)			5.58%
Stone (stne)			6.34%
Zoom (zm)			5.91%
Alteryx (ayx)			3.36%
Stem Energy (stpk)		0.84% -- New try out position
The Trade Desk (ttd)		1.42% -- Holding till the tax status changes
Google (goog)			0.72% -- Holding till the tax status changes
CASH				4.9%

February: High point in February was when my portfolio was up more than 20%. It just felt too good to be true. Then it happened. Market rotation started and my portfolio suffered with it. It finally eked out some gain compared to Jan/2021. Overall it was an unusually active month for me.

Pintrest (pins): Pinterest reported its results for the 4th Qtr which I considered were excellent. Revenue jumped 77% Yoy with gross margin of 82%(both at high point in last 8 qtrs). As advertisements returned, their US ARPU jumped 49% (@5.94 cents) and International ARPU jumped 67% (@83 cents). They have 3 times as many active international users vs US users. Even if they are able to increase international ARPU by 100% this year, it will still be 1.66 cents. Can they do it, I sure hope so as they are focusing on international monetization. After their excellent results the shares went up initially but then gave up most of the gains and then some. I added to my position.

DataDog (ddog): I have added to my datadog position since their earnings announcement. I thought the results were good and Saul and others have detailed the rational behind soft yoy comparisons. Since my top 4 (ROKU, PINS, CRWD and DDOG) are my highest confidence stocks and data dog was less than 8% of my holding, I decided to add more. It will take them 2 more quarters to lap their result but I am happy to stake a bigger position now.

Transmedics (tmdx): Added small amount to Transmedics. The stock price has gone up significantly. Thats the primary reason it’s a larger part of my portfolio. In there presentation the CEO seemed confident about the service aspect of transferring organs. As analog kid has mentioned, service aspect could be a game changer. I am also hoping to hear FDA clear the use of their organ system to transport heart in DCD patients which was delayed from last year.

Peleton (pton): Peloton had great results. Some here do not like the low margin connected fitness business. Considering seasonality upcoming march qtr is their softest and that may be the reason the stock has suffered lately. Overall the results were good. I dont like the delays in shipping but they mentioned this qtr end will be the end of it. They are still expecting 100%+ Yoy revenue growth. Later in the 2nd half they plan to introduce new Tread+ for US market just in time for holiday shopping. Currently they are selling for less than 10 P/S. I think it will be much bigger business by next year and should do well.

Sold Doscusign (DOCU), Atomera (ATOM): As I had wrote in my last months summary, I was considering keeping either DOCU or AYX. I decided to keep the latter. In the short term it has proven to be not such a wise choice. But I had made the decision before AYX announced their result. I did not like the trend in ARR and later the news about their CRO getting canned was also disappointing. All in all, AYX did not have a good month and deservedly so. I do like the fact that they are pivoting to cloud. Finally!!! They poached the guy (Suresh Vittal) from Adobe. All I know is Adobe was able to pivot to cloud successfully and profitably and a lot of Adobe’s success is attributed to him. However, the CEO mentioned candidly that this is going to be the transition year for AYX, so I am not sure if I will continue to hold it. Atomera was a try out position and I think it will take time to develop. I sold, may revisit later.

Bought a try out position in STEM energy. This one is a reverse merger through SPAC. Not many details regarding revenue etc are out yet. Bought based on the stock newsletter I subscribe to but not willing to commit more than a small fraction. As I discover more I will update.

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