Russia faces a Faceless future

The Russian Federal Financial Monitoring Service has added the US multinational tech company Meta to its registry of organizations involved in terrorism and extremism.

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram has been banned in Russia, says Rosfinmonitoring.

That ban now requires banks to freeze funds for companies on that list and suspend services to their accounts.

On March 21, the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow recognized Meta as an extremist organization, claiming that Meta’s management allowed users from Ukraine to call for violence against the Russian military.

The court denied the appeal by the American company. The March court decision did not apply to the WhatsApp messenger, also owned by Meta, since it does not publicly disseminate information.




A couple of Russians a while in exile invented Telegram. It is encrypted. Both Russia and Ukraine used it to keep up their news/propaganda efforts. Russia did not shut it down and could not do anything about Ukraine’s messages.

Telegram is huge. It is a good and simple messaging board.