Russian ruble collapse

The ruble falls below 100 to the dollar. This seems to be some ‘trigger point’ for Putin who ordered his bankers to fix this the last time that it happened, resulting in an interest rise:


This is the real way Putin loses this war and possibly his own life because he has made himself unremovable from office.


In 1991 I traveld to Lenningrad on an exchange program. The official rate at the time was 32 rubles to the USD but on the black market it was 55. I remember trading an old pair of Levis for a couple military watches.

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In the 70s/80s, you could travel to Russia (lots of paperwork to prepare for it, but many did it) and take one extra large suitcase filled with Levis. Selling them would almost completely pay for the trip. I know a few people who did that. One guy I went to school with did it 10+ times because he often wanted to visit family in Russia.