Ryzen 7000 prelaunch

Models/prices/specs and some performance released today. Hard launch is September 27th. Overall, AMD is claiming that the Ryzen 7000 series will deliver 11% better gaming performance than the 12900K, as well as 44% better performance in highly multithreaded content creation applications.



Hard launch is September 27th.
In a strange coincidence Intel Raptor Lake launches September 28th. It looks AMD is sneaking in under the wire to justify a comparison to Alder Lake:-)
It will be interesting to see what the reviews look like…

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It looks AMD is sneaking in under the wire to justify a comparison to Alder Lake:-)

Looking over the article and the other information on the Ryzen 7000 series announcement I get a different viewpoint.

Sure any time you can mike drop on your competition by showing your lowest part in the stack (7600X) beats their current highest end part (12900K) it is worth doing. Not to mention I and most of the news outlets found the 13% IPC gain, 29% performance gain and 46% reduction in power usage over the previous generation to be very impressive.

However, I think the real reason why AMD announced early was to be out front. 1) to grab the headlines and 2) to force Intel to compare Raptor Lake to Zen4.

Everything I am seeing points to the fact that AMD is going to be slightly ahead of Raptor Lake so why not fight from the high ground and force your competitor to prove they are better. If Intel can prove they are better by 1-2% in gaming and not significantly advantageous in workloads, while using 50% more power, requiring better cooling solutions, having more expensive motherboards and having a higher or comparable CPU cost … I don’t think that is a winning argument. So the first company to the high ground will hold it.

And I do expect it to be a tight competition between the 7950X and 13900K, current rumors on Raptor Lake is “up to a double digit performance gain” https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-13th-gen-raptor-lake…

Even Hardware Unboxed, a notoriously Intel fanboy channel had this to say,
Intel’s In Trouble… Our Thoughts on AMD Zen 4 Pricing, Specs, Performance, Platform Support

Other Youtube tech channels followed by gamers were even more positive in their reviews of the information.

When I consider that Zen4 will have a significant power advantage over Raptor Lake in the laptop parts as well as desktop, that for gaming the 7800X3D with v-cahe is still inbound and is expected to boost gaming performance by up to 30%; that Zen4 was an iteration of Zen3 and Zen5 is expected to be the next ground up re-architecture; that Mores Law is Dead, Cortex and Linus Tech Tips all reported hearing from their sources that AMD engineers are more excited about Zen5 than Zen4; that I am expecting Zen5 to have the first implementations of Xilinix IP… I really like where this is all headed over the next 2 years.

Now if the economy can just get back on the rails so a growth stock that is absolutely killing it can get some well deserved valuation, I’ll be really happy.


I generally agree, just different spin.
I see Raptor lake as primarily for gaming desktop, and high end (read heavy) gaming laptops. I suspect the mainstream remains alder lake until Meteor lake arrives.

Ryzen 7000 will definitely be the best laptop part until meteor lake arrives. However, as I mentioned earlier much of the material in the line is still Ryzen 5000 series, and Intel tiger lake. They are still in the middle of the conversion to Ryzen 6000 and Alder lake, even though the next generation is almost here.

People don’t understand how incredible Zen 4 is

Video by Cortex. If you can get past his drone his mobile point could be killer. I may even need a new laptop. ; )