Dissing AMD

The more things change, the more they stay the same. :frowning:

There is an article at WCCFtech: https://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-7000-zen-4-cpus-run-hot-ryzen… about the 7000 series running hot. The problem is when you actually read the labeled “rumor,” you find no new information, except for the possible facts about 7000-series CPUs thermal throttling at gasp! the correct throttling temperature when extremely overclocked.

Not to change the subject, and in reality not changing the subject. :wink: AMD stated when Intel’s 12th gen came out that they (AMD) were going to push the TDP power values for Raphael so that Intel couldn’t run comparisons with the AMD chips running at much lower power. The numbers AMD picked were ridiculous? Whatever. The two dual-CPU-chip units have numbers for 65, 95, 120, and 170 watts (TDP design power), and 230 watts PPT. (That last is supposed to be an instantaneous power draw figure for the motherboard.) To go back to the start of this post, the “heating problem” on the 7950 was at 230 watts. I probably should work out a prize for someone benchmarking the 7950 at 65, 95, or 120 watts. I wonder if I could get one of the “Fickle Finger of Fate” awards from Laugh-In: https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-fc-2461&… Wow! Two original FFoF Awards plus lots of other goodies on eBay. (I like the Milk Glass Mug.)

Oh, and AMD timed the announcement of Zen 4 to beat Raptor Lake by a day. The only problem is, that AMD chose their dates first. Oh and there are some nice “leaks” about the Zen 4 family for servers. Not really a leak, because the embargo ended on the same day as that for Raphael. (If you are looking for Zen 4 servers, AMD is condensing Genoa, Genoa X, and Bergamo into a unified 9000-series. Since 6000 and 8000 numbers are already assigned, does that mean that Zen 5 will get 10000 numbers?

It is only fair based on the press coverage Alder lake received:-)

It now appears Raptor Lake and Zen 4 are announcing the same day. I’ll wait and see which one I can buy first to really decide anything about who was really first. I suspect Dell will have systems with both CPU’s so that should be a good data point. I suspect laptops will be a fair bit later than the desktops.

The reviews should come out at the same time…

I suspect laptops will be a fair bit later than the desktops.

6000-series laptops just launched a few months back, and from what I read in roadmaps mobile Zen 4 “Phoenix point” is out into next year sometime.