S/P 20% drop ?

Just one opinion from one ‘expert’ I am not endorsing nor refuting.

Disclosure: Have been holding dry powder - if there’s a 20% hit I certainly won’t like how it looks for my current holdings - but at 20% down - I’d blow most of my dry powder barring any other major geopolitical changes.


“Scott Minerd calls for the S&P 500 to drop 20% by mid-October, saying the bear market is intact”

Apologies, here is the link and certainly it’s Google-able as the story is carried by other outlets in case there’s a pay wall here.


Minerd would have to be just lucky if the SPX dropped 20% by mid October.

That is an irrational guess. It is too soon too fast.

Don’t hold your breath waiting. This can drag out.

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