SA Article - Zoom’s boom not over yet...

The conclusion to this SA article caught my attention, especially after Saul brought to light how many users they have added.

Here’s the eyebrow raising conclusion below:…

I conclude my investment thesis by maintaining the “Buy” call to ZM with a target price of $236.68 by the end of March next year.

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Another interesting tidbit:

Zoom Video’s daily U.S. user volumes hit a record 4.84M yesterday, according to Apptopia data.

The company’s active users were up 151% Y/Y in March.

On the same day, Microsoft Teams had 1.56M users and Slack had less than 500K.

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Sold some stocks…bought a little ZOOM this afternoon. Lawsuit filed against ZOOM late today in California. Stay well. STJ

I was looking at his model that he bases his target price on. He is predicting that Zoom is making $57 billion in revenue annually in 2030. Could it happen? Why not?