Zoom 300 million daily users

A Barrons.com article states they now have 300 million daily users. Up from 200 million at the beginning of April.

That’s just outstanding!

Not sure if this is behind a paywall but it can be found at https://www.barrons.com/articles/zoom-stock-daily-users-300-…

Best to all.

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that is amazing. Also, I attended many Zoom meetings in past few weeks, work, family, church. One thing even more amazing is the quality of those meetings which was very consistent, consider the use base increase by 100M. That is probably their moat no other services can catch up, both huge user base and superior technology.


sold today at 168.10 fairly quick 80%

no longer a position in ZM.

Good luck to all those staying long.

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sold today at 168.10 fairly quick 80%

I would be interested to hear your reasoning. Are you a trader? Value investor? Growth but seeing no more growth for ZM?


I’m an investor. Maybe best described as value, but I have 30% of my portfolios set aside for more “speculative” companies. I frankly held my nose buying at $93 but my experience with buying stocks discussed on this board and my respect for many of the denizens convinced me to take a small position.

As it relates specifically to this board, I’m still long AYX, CRWD, OKTA, SMAR, ZS, MDB, TTD and SHOP but frankly their valuations don’t seem to me to be as ridiculously stretched.

I’ve been using zoom on a personal basis each and every day for about 40 days now without paying anything. Yes, it’s easy. I use Teams exclusively in my work environment and it’s also easy. Neither of the platforms is glitch-free (in my experience) but they’ve both made my life richer.

I think the heavy use in non-business environments (only due to COVID) will quickly vanish once the easing begins.

Anyways…that’s my reasoning. It’s been faulty before so I won’t be surprised if I’ve read this wrong. Currently I see more opportunity in beaten down “value” stuff i follow so the $$ will likely be moving over there.



So I sold 25% of my shares at the close. Today had all the markings of ZM staying pretty strong mid day, the shorts not able to crack the price and then paying the price at the end of the day closing at its high for the day.

So yea, I decided to not be a pig and cut my allocation. Will do the same if there is another pop like today and then wait for earnings before I decide what to do with the remaining shares. I just don’t understand the valuation, but in this very unusual circumstance who does. So I’m being a bit cautious.

My wife is a public school teacher in Los Angeles. Yes they are using Zoom once a week for meetings with other teachers free of charge. What they are mainly using to teach is Google Classroom. Also Loom which she records herself explaining daily lessons and assignments due. Loom is her main communication with her students and she loves it.

So yes I’m blown away by the customer growth that Zoom is reporting. It’s enough for me to keep a certain allocation of funds in the stock, but when those shares bump up to a top 5 position for me in a matter of a few months I need to trim back to a speculative position size. Unless someone can come up with a way to calculate future earnings and how many customers are actually going to convert to paying customers.

I’m pretty sure if that happens it’s going to be someone on this board though. Not even Beth Kindig’s been alike to figure that one out. :wink: