Sail boats return for commercial shipping

A large red cargo ship named Pyxis Ocean set out on its maiden voyage this month. But unlike most others before it, this one is powered, in part, by wind.

The ship, chartered by US shipping firm Cargill, has been retrofitted with two WindWings – large steel sails 37.5 meters (123 foot) tall, designed by UK company BAR Technologies and produced by industrialization partner Yara Marine Technologies.

The wings are expected to generate emissions savings of up to 30%. If used in combination with alternative fuels, developers say that the savings would be even higher.

The voyage, which began in China and is currently headed towards Brazil, will put the technology to the test.



Ironically, trying to get through the Panama canal is a problem because they are restricting the number of ships that can pass per day to save water due to low rainfall. Hundreds of ships on both sides waiting.
Maybe the wind can help them go around the Straits of Magellan instead?