Same Drug, Two Prices

I’ve been an Eli Lilly shareholder for 30 years and profited handsomely off the gullibility of the American people. Got to love Red State voters who are supporting these policies, but I fear for their health and well being.

You may ask, “why wouldn’t my health insurer cover the lower priced drug, wouldn’t that save them money?” It would, but your health insurer can make even more money to fund excessive Executive Compensation by accepting a big rebate from Eli Lilly to only cover the higher priced variant. Your health insurer 's executives make more money. Eli Lilly makes more money, and you get screwed.



They won’t need those drugs if they don’t have to take them any more (either because they died or they no longer needed to lose weight AND could do so without the drugs). So the real fear is the loss of the weight of the stupendously-high profits of the drug companies.