Samsara (IOT) Joins California Bureau of Automotive Repair’s Continuous Testing Program Pilot

More good news from Samsara (IOT)! Their telematics data is now in trial with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair to streamline smog checks for public sector fleets.

Especially interesting is this quote:

Jaime Aguayo, Fleet Supervisor for the City of Ventura explained, “We run in-house smog testing that requires 50% of our vehicles to be brought in, inspected, and pass smog in a calendar year. Now that information from Samsara will be shared directly with the BAR, we can reduce this downtime and run tests more effectively.” Aguayo continued, “With Samsara, there’s an ongoing feedback loop and constant evolution of how their technology can meet our needs - I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

I don’t understand the full technology behind, but just from an operational point of view, being able to operate the whole fleet, without bringing them in for inspection on a yearly basis, must be a huge efficiency driver.

It’s incredible to see, how the technologies from Samsara can be used and how it leads to an increasing TAM.


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