Saul-esque review of Insurance Players

This writer on Seeking Alpha seems to have taken a Saul like approach to his systematic screening which is interesting - it includes trailing PEG. Sam also uses Y chart fundamental and value scores and has filters for profitability and growth.

He has reviewed the US insurance space here and picks: United Fire Group and Universal Insurance.…

He started the series with a review of the airline sector (which I avoid like the plague given they are usually loss making across the cycle). Picks there are Alaska Air Group, Hawaiian Holdings, and Southwest Airlines.…

His other industry sector articles are here:

Maybe Sam would be interested in this board and community if he knew it existed. (Or maybe he is already with us, using a handle).




I am already invested in United Fire Group (UFCS) and am quite happy with it as an investment. I had considered writing it up here, though it is a bit borderline for the standards of this board. Recent history looks unusually good right now because of unusually low claims last year.