Saul stocks or Saul method?

I see alot of talk on this board about “Saul stocks”. I understand that means the type of stocks that Saul owns. I guess that is ok to a degree, but I find the term a little dismissive of the work that it takes to find the companies that are “Saul stocks” and it blows right by the tremendous learning opportunity that they present. That is fine for many people on the board, because this group includes some pretty sophisticated investors. But for the newer members it is not.

I copied this from an previous post where Saul was answering a question about one of his holdings, Skyworks.

Okay, let’s check. I have over three years of quarterly revenues on my table and EVERY one of the quarters was up from the year before. Last quarter was 881 million up from 718 million. They predict for 925 TO 930 next quarter, up from 806. They always beat their predictions.

Adjusted earnings have always been up for every one of those quarters too. EVERY ONE! Their trailing earnings are $5.27 per share, up from $3.24 the year before. That’s up about 63%. They predict $1.60 next quarter, up from $1.26. Again, they always beat their estimates.

Gross margins last quarter were 50%, up from 45% a year before, and 44% the year before that. Outlook is for 51% next quarter.

My point is this, without the Saul method there are no Saul stocks.

End harangue.

Long Saul and his method
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