Hello Saul,
I found your board months ago and been reading every day. Thank you to everyone that have posted. Saul is there a way I can private message you?

To send a private message check the box at the bottom of the box that says “email this reply to the author.” To make sure it is REALLY private be sure to also click off the box above it that says “post this reply to the boards.”


thank you!

Ken, I haven’t received any message from you yet.


Hi Saul
I just tried again, hopefully got it correct this time

Ken, what you have to do is hit reply to any one of MY posts (including this one). Type in what you want to say.

Then: just below where it says “Submit message” you un-click the check mark on “Post this reply to the boards”, and click the check mark on “Email this reply to the author”. THEN hit “submit message”. That will get your message to me.


hi Saul not sure what is going on but I have done as instructed. I got a message that it go posted successfully to you and the following:

xmyfiger replied to your message at
and opted to have it emailed to you.

Subject: Re: Saul

You responded to your own post, not to mine, which is why it got mailed confidentially to you.