Saul's portfolio update for the last two days of May

My portfolio was up another 5+% in the last two days, which I thought was worth an update for the calendar end of the month. Here’s what I wrote 2 days ago, updated

May was a good month for me. Here’s a table of the monthly year-to-date progress of my portfolio for 2023. I’ll present them as starting from 100% of my starting value and figure from there:

End of Dec  100.0% starting point

End of Jan  109.7%

End of Feb  107.0%

End of Mar  105.8%

End of Apr   91.9%

End of May  111.5%

To be clear , in April two of my largest positions at the time, Enphase and Cloudflare, each dropped 25% after earnings (Cloudflare’s drop deserved, Enphase’s much less so, in my opinion), which explains my portfolio’s 13% drop in April.

You’ll also note its nice bounce back in May with a 21.3% rise in one month [111.5/91.9 = 1.213]. It was largely propelled by substantial rises from Aehr, Sentinel and Monday. (Monday was up another $13 today, 48% in May, and 136% since its November low. You can’t say that I didn’t tell you it was coming.) For comparison, the S&P rose a quarter of one percent in May.

Rest assured that I don’t know that this will continue. The market for our stocks may start sinking tomorrow for all I know. Please make your own decisions about the market and the stocks. I can’t see the future.