On March 9th I wrote that I had had worries about SBNY and had just exited it at $158 to $162. I just glanced at it today and see that it has dropped about $18 in the three weeks since that $162 value. I want to say first that I had no inside knowledge besides the observations that I had posted. I just felt uncomfortable and worried about my position.

I know a lot of you read it as it got 50 rec’s. I hope some profited from my heads-up about it and exited as well, before this drop. (By the way, I have no advance knowledge about it now either and it may rise $30 in the coming weeks, for all I know). I have no plans to re-enter a position.



Saul, your instincts are so well trained they surpass “spooky” and approach “creepy” status. I am always impressed at these investing instincts you have developed. The true benefit of your many years of experience!

Thank you for keeping me honest on SBNY! I am still in SBNY, though I took note when the price first spiked above 160. If I were a bit more agile and trusted my own budding investor instincts a bit more I’d have moved my money elsewhere at the end of January. For now I’m waiting on the next quarter earnings in late April.

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I did follow you out the exit. Right behind, I guess because my sale was $157.29. Thanks for sharing. Worked out well. I would note, however, that a plot of SBNY along with bank etf’s KRE and KBE will show that 85% of the price drop was sector related as opposed to SBNY-specific.

All’s well that ends well.

KC, who still holds the bag holding INBK and BOFI

I too bailed out after I read your post at $158.70. Made a nice profit on those trades, mostly tax free (I’ve three accounts, a trust, Trad IRA and Roth IRA).

Thanks for the heads up. My instincts are not nearly as refined as yours. I’d venture I haven’t really developed much of any investment instincts so I’m generally behind the curve on most of my transactions, but I trusted yours - this time.

To be honest, bank stocks make me nervous because I never feel confident that I know what’s going on with the business. At present I hold nothing directly associated with the financial industry.

Yes, thank you Saul. If you’re uncomfortable, I should be also. Sold out at $160, after entering at $118. I did lighten up when it hit a $150 target earlier.

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March spring vacation - so I’m just catching up.

Thanks Saul for the pick. I decided not to spend as much so I bought bull call spreads $125-145 March and $120-155 June. I closed the March in late January for 95% and the June in early February for 77% just after it came off its 162 peak. I got jittery.

In any case I thought banks were at the peak of their election-run and after a good year I wanted to buy some other stocks for 2017.

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