If anyone is interested

Today I doubled my position in CALL at $21.26 (It actually got as low at $21.00). It’s now almost, but not quite, a full or average position.

I added to my BOFI at an average price of $82.80.

I added to my CELG at $139.85.

I added to my UBNT at $49.70

I added to my SYNA at $58.50

I added to my tiny position in APPY at $2.615

I added to my PSIX at $73.20

I added to my SCTY at $60.40

I added a little to my LOCK at $18.65

I added a little AMBA at $27.42

These are all good companies of which I had positions already, and were way off their highs for no good reasons that I was aware of. I feel more secure in buying them all when they are all crashing like that for no reason. If just one was crashing I’d be afraid that there is bad news that I don’t know about. This way I figure it’s China manufacturing sector down, or some such nonsense.

I added to MTZ at $43 because it was making new highs in spite of all the bad karma, and I figured someone more knowledgeable than me was buying.

To make these purchases I sacrificed my entire WETF position (which I was less sure about by far) and sold some YHOO (which has given me a nice run already).

Now to sit back and see how it all plays out.



Now to sit back and see how it all plays out.


Thanks again for sharing. You are a really terrific guy and I am learning so much from you.


Hi Saul,

Can you expand on your decision to sell WETF? You commented that you’re less sure about this stock vs the others, and I’m interested in your thoughts behind this.


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Can you expand on your decision to sell WETF? You commented that you’re less sure about this stock vs the others, and I’m interested in your thoughts behind this.

Hi j

It wasn’t an easy decision. First understand that I am retired with no other source of income, so when I want to buy something I have to sell something to raise the money (if I haven’t already recently sold something to get out of it).

So when I saw all these great companies down 10 or 15 percent I looked for my weakest link.

WETF, when it was recommended was unique, creating a kind of ETF’s that no one else was doing. That is no longer the case, and the big fund companies are starting to do the same thing. It may take them a little while to get it right, but they will.

WETF is largely dependent on one big Japanese fund, which is dependent on something in the Japanese Yen to dollar relationship which I don’t really understand. Huge inflows into this fund caused the rapid growth of assets under management we saw a year ago. That’s not going to happen again. In fact money could leave this fund. WETF is starting others, some of which will do well, but this will become an ordinary business, with competitors, ups and downs, and slowed growth. The others companies I added to seemed better to me. (As of yesterday, all the companies I bought were up from where I bought them except UBNT which was down a few cents. WETF was down from where I sold it. Which doesn’t prove a thing except very short term.)

I also sold some YHOO to raise money. When I bought YHOO it was largely on the basis of Alibaba and Marissa. Now, everyone knows about Alibaba and it’s figured into the price. Marissa is doing the best she can, but the battleship is turning very slowly. I didn’t sell all my position, just what I needed for cash.

I also sold a tiny amount of ELLI for cash. There were two reasons. First, I usually combine all my holdings in all our accounts when I’m thinking about them, but I noticed that in one small account we had over 40% ELLI and I wanted to reduce that (Overall ELLI is 5.4% of my portfolio). Secondly, ELLI hadn’t fallen much in price, so I was getting basically a pre-crash price for the little bit of Elli I was selling and buying things greatly down in price.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for sharing, Saul. I’ve been following your posts for awhile and have enjoyed your insights and willingness to share even when your decisions don’t go as hoped. Your honesty is refreshing. Thanks again.

What a bad week for growth stocks - been getting clobbered as most of my winners have pulled back hard.

Oh well, been eyeing a few of these from Saul’s list for awhile now so there’s a silver lining. I finally opened positions in BOFI (half position), CELG (quarter) and SYNA (quarter). Thanks for sharing Saul as usual.

To raise funds I sold ISRG, NOV and OII. Has anyone else noticed that Stock Advisor has been lousy, over the past few years at least, at picking fossil fuel stocks. I sort of cringe as they recommend KMI, having been burned by NOV, OII, WPRT, and GTLS (still am by the last one). Maybe these will turn around. Someday.

With regards to avoiding fossil fuel stocks, I sorta feel like Gordon Gecko hating all airline stocks. Which even though it’s from a movie I feel like it helped me sidestep LUV which I love as a customer and would have otherwise bought. :slight_smile: