Scientists discover ‘magical’ material that’s stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum

** Galvorn is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, and has the conductivity of copper, according to an article on LinkedIn. While the jury is still out on whether it’s faster than a speeding bullet, experts at Houston-based suggest their product can revolutionize the green tech landscape.**


From the link:
“Galvorn can be an alternative to rare and expensive copper…”




That’s a very odd statement. Copper isn’t particularly rare, nor is it particularly expensive. Galvorn on the other hand is VERY rare and VERY expensive. Is it much different than those carbon nanotubes that were all the rage a few years ago?

If it’s going to take over from copper, at least somewhat, I’d like to know because that could change my thesis of how electrification will affect copper demand and price!


I thought the article was interesting but I do not know if it is just a pipe dream or something that will really take over from copper. Copper can be expensive and at one time they used aluminum wiring as a poor substitute, that had many more problems, that eventually was stopped. But this might be something to watch because if it would make batteries lighter, that would be a step forward.



They tell us over and over how wonderful it is but don’t say what it is. The only clue is carbon based.

Probably an improved or optimized carbon fiber.

Would like to know more. Probably being patented.


Been there, done that! It was called Rearden Steel!

The worst sex scene ever written takes place on a train going over a huge span of Readen Steel as the engine pistons go thumpa thumpa thumpa…

Press release tech is not tech, it’s fiction.

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