Last month I posted on my 5 for 6 of companies a found using revenue and income growth and 1yrPEG. Well, another month and another scorecard. How about 2 for 6? I added to three positions about a month ago. These were all up 9 or 10%, and since then one came down 15% and the other two down less than 1% for the month. Those two are my two winners but the %-gains cut in half
Two other original purchases are down 1%. My Chinese wealth management company, as you might expect, is down double digits…eh, -28%. So, given the different sized positions I’m down 1% overall with two winners, two flat, two down. Earnings are out only on LAD so it is wait and see.
OTOH, as posted before, I was able to partially rebuild my taxable brokerage account since youngest daughter graduated 15 months ago, and that is 90%+ Saul stocks–purchased in late April/early May this year. Up 20.7%, thank you very much. And that doesn’t count the BOFI
and AMBA that I’ve owned awhile in my IRA. Uhmmm, those don’t actually help since BOFI looks to be up only 8% in that time period and I’m up 30% on buying AMBA after the short seller tissy-fit, averages 19% only, but not a bad 3 months. (Unfortunately only about 14% of my portfolio invested in these).
So no more 5 for 6 but I’ll review things after earnings to see if the growth is intact. Love this board,