good day

Nasdaq down .8%. My portfolio up 1.75%

I have shares in a few companys that are not discussed here, but 11 of the 18 positions I currently own are companys I invested in because of Saul’s Investing Discussions.

Of my 18 positions eleven are Saul’s and eight are mine.

Three of mine are green today and eight of Saul’s are green.
My 3 positions acount for .387% of gains and Saul’s 8 positions acount for .612% of total gains.

Thanks to Saul and to all others in these discussions.
Love it when we can enter a weekend being in the green.
Yowza ! :slight_smile:


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Caveat to my previous post…The percentage gains I mentioned are todays gains


Hi Frank,

Do you feel like sharing the names of some of the individual companies you invested in? You might give us some ideas for new investments.



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Uh, whatever Frank…Harumph

Be glad to Wiseguy. Some are stocks that Saul is not talking about, but others are now being talked about.They are stocks that I already owned.

They are : TSLA over 22 % of portfolio owned since 2012
AMZN have owned for a long time
ANET have owned for 4 months
TWTR Recent buy
BOFI Owned this when it was flying high. Sold when the
first $h… storm happened. Just bought back in.
AAPL Have owned for a long time. recently gave it a haircut
EPD oil related
SE "
So, 9 positions, not 8. :slight_smile:



Nice contribution Frank. I also noticed the massive discrepancy in the down market up portfolio disconnect. It was very re-assuring that we are making the right investment choices.

My non Saul and non Saul like stocks did well but not as well as Saul’s portfolio and since I have a fairly large number of holdings it did dilute the increase but nonetheless a good day’s outcome.

FWIW I have mentioned a number of these stocks over time. Some would never qualify as Saul stocks for various reasons (CIM, CTRP, CHS, BX, BABA, WFM, CY, NOAH, MZOR, CLNE, SCTY, NGVC, CCL); some do and Saul has been in and out of from memory (e.g. ARCAM, ABMD, CRTO, AMBA, AIOCF); and some do but Saul either doesn’t follow or ruthless prioritises away from (Blox, LOGM, NHTC, GRUB, ZOES, FIVE, HAIN, FTNT, IMPV, CYBR, PANW, MBLY, CEVA, NCLH).


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My post # 18435 contains an inaccuracy : I said 3 of my positions yesterday were green and 8 of Saul’s were green.

I forgot about my 3 small oil company positions. They were green too, but did not contribute much because of their smallness. So…six of mine were green and 8 of Sauls were green. And my calculations were not precise.

So who cares?..well I guess I do … My brain ain’t as sharp as it once was when it comes to error free messaging…But I am pretty good at philosophy :slight_smile: