SEC Supoenas $TSLA on 420 Tweet

According to Reuters this is a newer subpoena concerning the 420 Tweet. Sounds like compliance to pass all his tweets through a babysitter might be part of this new subpoena issue. (I would think the board members are going to have upset stomachs over this.) This news hasn’t harmed the stock today which isn’t even down a full one-percent.

Reuters headline: Tesla raises spending plan, discloses new subpoena on Musk’s 2018 tweet

2022/7/25 15:33 (BST)7/25 15:45 (BST)updated

In June, he also appealed a judge’s refusal to end the agreement.

The latest subpoena comes as Musk prepares for a legal showdown in October with Twitter for dropping his $44-billion offer to buy the social media company.

In June, the regulator had questioned Musk over a tweet in which he raised doubts over his acquisition of Twitter due to concerns over the number of fake users and spam accounts.

$TSLA daily chart

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