SEDG +24%, earnings beat

I haven’t seen Solar Edge mentioned on here in quite a while. I’ve been holding ever since reading about them on this board.

Q4 was a big beat, stock was up over 24% yesterday. Revenue up 70% YOY. GAAP net income up 33% from the previous year, Non-GAAP net income up 46% from the year prior.…


Hi invain,

I’m still in SEDG (quite happily, and adding again, actually!).

I plan on posting my numbers/summary for this stock when I get a chance (hopefully later today or at least sometime this weekend).

You stated rev up 70% YOY (I show 68.8%, close enough), but you say non-GAAP net income up 46% YOY, I have adjusted non-GAAP earnings up 165.6% (from $0.32 to $0.85).

This stock has tripled in less than a year for me, $15 to $46 (although I’ve held it longer than that). I bought most of my shares at $15 when their revenue flatlined for a over a year, but it’s going back up like gangbusters now!

And the midpoint of their guidance for next quarter’s rev (which I’m guessing they will beat) would be another YOY increase of 78.3%!


Finally getting around to my summary of SolarEdge’s earnings release a week ago. From the company website:…

I know it’s not completely relevant here anymore as there aren’t many holders since the growth stalled a couple years ago, but for anyone that’s interested, the company is back to accelerating their growth over the last 3 quarters, which has caused a triple in the stock price in the last year. Here are the numbers (you can see the stall from 1Q16 through 1Q17, and then the resumption of growth):

REVS    Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4

2014	$31	$45	$67	$73
2015	$86	$98	$115	$125
2016	$125	$125	$128	$112
2017	$115	$136	$167	$189

EPS	Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4

2014	(0.19)	(0.10)	0.09	0.12
2015	0.20	0.31	0.36	0.44
2016	0.51	0.44	0.46	0.32
2017	0.36	0.55	0.66	0.85

Revenue Growth (millions)
2016 Q4 TTM Revenue = 490
2017 Q4 TTM Revenue = 607
YOY TTM Revenue Growth = 23.9%

EPS Growth (non-GAAP)
2016 Q4 TTM Earnings = 1.73
2017 Q4 TTM Earnings = 2.42
YOY TTM EPS Growth = 39.9%

P/E (Check Current Price) = 48.35/2.42 = 20

The YOY revenue growth rates for the last 3 quarters (since the “stall”) have been:

2Q17 9%
3Q17 30%
4Q17 69%

With the midrange company guidance of their 1Q18 revs ($205M) coming in at a YOY growth rate of 78%.

The YOY EPS (non-GAAP) growth rates for the last 3 quarters (again, since the “stall”) have been:

2Q17 25%
3Q17 43%
4Q17 166%

With my estimate of their 1Q18 EPS ($0.94) coming in at a YOY growth rate of 161%. My estimate is higher than analysts for the current quarter, but SEDG has significantly beaten analyst estimates over the past year and I expect it to continue in the current quarter.

I of course don’t expect those growth rates to be able to continue for any extended period, they’ll obviously slow as they start coming up against harder comps a couple quarters from now, but they’re being rewarded for what they’re doing now.

The company of course has it’s risks, competition, being disrupted, slowing growth, etc, like any company, but if you’re looking for a GARP stock (growth at a reasonable price, even after the more than triple in the last year), you may want to check out SEDG.