SEDG earnings

SEDG used to be a holding discussed here, I’m sure there are some that still hold it (like myself). They had a good report and seem to be getting back to growth causing a large bump up afterhours. Here’s the press release:…

I know it doesn’t mean much, but up 20% afterhours, we’ll see what tomorrow holds.

Their quarterly revenues had seemed to stagnate around $125M for the past year, but this quarter they did $136M and guided for next quarter to be $155-$165M, analysts had been expecting $131M for next quarter.

Earnings this quarter were expected to be $.37 and came in at $.55

It’s had a good run for the last 6 mths, up over 100% if the aftermarket price holds tomorrow.

I’m sure analyst upgrades and price target increases will be coming as they adjust their models to the new reality of growth again.