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Given the price tag of the purchase ($616.5M) and the comparison Muji made to Preempt (by CrowdStrike) and Smokescreen by Zscaler, I took some time to research who Attivo’s customers are. The official statement regarding Attivo’s customer base is: “serve 300+ custs, including “dozens” of F500 and a few govt / public sector as well.”

  1. All three branches of Department of Defense:…

2/15/22: Attivo Networks Wins DoD SBIR Contract for Unique Approach to Ransomware Mitigation

Contract Extends Attivo’s Support to All Three Branches of the Department of Defense

Attivo Networks® has announced it was awarded a Department of Defense (DoD) Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) contract through AFWERX/AFVentures for its ransomware mitigation capabilities. The contract extends Attivo’s strategic support to the three major branches of the DoD – Air Force, Army and Navy.

The DOD previously awarded Attivo a SBIR contract for its Active Directory assessment technology. Now, the company’s anti-ransomware technology supports the Air Force in protecting critical data related to Air Force Network (AFNET) operations and accelerates technology innovation to support the warfighter. This contract demonstrates the demand for protecting high-value assets and preventing disruption of service attacks through a unified risk management platform.

The Attivo ThreatDefend® Detection & Response Platform’s ransomware mitigation functions can derail even the most sophisticated ransomware attacks. The platform uses cloaking technology to hide and deny access to local credentials and Active Directory objects, preventing an attacker from gaining access and the authority to change policies or perform mass ransomware distribution.

  1. Homeland Security Department
  1. Attivo Networks has built a strong client base, providing endpoint defense solutions for the U.S Department of Homeland Security, Global Cyber Alliance, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, among many other Fortune 500 companies. (…)

  2. NSS Labs., Fierce IT security, FireEye (

  3. From Enlyft’s website ( it has data of 35 customers. Here’s the breakdown of the 35 customers.
    . 49% of Attivo customers are in United States, 12% are in United Arab Emirates and 6% are in India.
    . Of all the customers that are using Attivo, 29% are small (<50 employees), 32% are medium-sized and 18% are large (>1000 employees).
    . Of all the customers that are using Attivo, a majority (50%) are small (<$50M), 27% are large (>$1000M) and 0% are medium-sized.
    . Looking at Attivo customers by industry, we find that Information Technology and Services (20%), Computer Software (14%) and Computer & Network Security (6%) are the largest segments. It includes one client in mining & metals and one in financial services.

Given that Attivo customers include DoD (using multiple products) and homeland security department, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, plus its international presence, maybe it is worth the price tag.

BTW, this research had me realizing how much time it took for all the countless posts that people have contributed to this board. Thank you all.