SentinelOne earnings and cyber security

So I couldn’t comment on CRWD’s earnings release that came out earlier this week.

Due to TMFs restrictions on Tickerguides posting when buying or selling a stock I had to wait. Not because I bought or sold CRWD, I typically don’t move that fast anyway, but because I added to my PANW position. It struck me as a little bit crazy that PANW took a 4% price hit because CRWDs release was a little disappointing (at least to some). As it turned out that worked pretty good for me (for once!) as PANW almost immediately recovered.

So now that others have posted here I don’t think I can add all that much to the conversation. But, I will say that for maybe the first time it appears that PANW’s SAAS sales were significantly better than CRWD’s. 67% growth versus 53%. CRWD used the term “elongated sales cycle” in their report. For those who like to watch Jim Cramer, those are code words that you don’t want to hear after quarterly earnings.

In my opinion, the next couple quarters will be important for both companies to see to how their prospects grow or change.

But the point of this post is to say that I think SentinelOnes earnings release this week will be critical, obviously for S, but also for CRWD and PANW. If S’s report is more in line with PANW, ie good continued growth, it would mean that CRWDs issues are more restricted to them, if it looks more like CRWDs ( good but not great) then perhaps it is saying PANW is pulling away?

I don’t know, and I am not an expert but I will be interested to see what happens this week.

And to be clear, I own all three companies as I see this as a critical industry for future growth and want to be in it.

PANW Tickerguide and long S, CRWD, and PANW.