PANW Earnings out today after close, a bit unusual

I posted this on the PANW boards a couple days ago and thought I would post here for the PANW followers. It does seem weird and not positive but it is hard to sell based on this since it is down 18% over a short time….

So I just read an article from Barrons on the fact that PANW is announcing their earnings after the market closes on Friday and how unusual that is. To make it even more intriguing, they are following it up with a two hour investor conference.

The gist of the article is that they may be doing this to give bad news, but no one really knows.

Here is the analysts predictions from the article:

  • For the fourth quarter, the company’s guidance calls for revenue to increase by between 25% and 27%, ranging from $1.937 billion to $1.967 billion. Billings guidance calls for an increase of 17% to 19% to between $3.15 billion and $3.20 billion. Adjusted profits are projected to be between $1.26 and $1.30 a share.*

I tried to copy a link but it requires a Barrons subscription. I found it in the news list for PANW in the TD Ameritrade app so you can find it there if you have an account….

Interesting stuff more to come this weekend apparently!



Maybe they are buying Sentinel One?



Well, I haven’t heard the conference call yet but:
Revenue $ 1.95 up 26% yr/yr
Next Gen Security ARR $2.95 B up 56%. Yr/yr
Non GAAP Earnings $1.44 up 80% yr/yr
Adjusted Free cash flow $388M !! Up 46% yr/yr (1/3 of a billion in one quarter!!!)

Clearly not trying to hide bad results. It’ll be interesting to see what they wanted to talk about in the conference call…

Long PRAA and Tickerguide.