SentinelOne Launches WatchTower Vital Signs

SentinelOne Launches WatchTower Vital Signs Report for Cyber Insurers’ Risk Management

October 25, 2022

SentinelOne Watchtower has been around for a couple of years as a ‘Customized Threat Hunting & Compromise Assessment’ tool
and now has added reporting capabilities to help organizations and Cyber Insurers reduce risk… Vital Signs.

*For organizations, this new reporting capability communicates an accurate profile of cybersecurity posture and controls to cyber insurers, streamlining the process of obtaining cyber insurance coverage. *
For cyber insurers, the app provides a real-time “inside-out” view of an enterprise’s cybersecurity health for improved policy accessibility and reduced underwriting risk.

“The state of today’s threat landscape is pushing the cyber insurance industry to its breaking point,” said Barnaby Page, VP Incident Response & Cyber Risk, SentinelOne. “Underwriting risks have become too much for insurers to stomach while rising premiums are causing enterprises to struggle in procuring cyber insurance. The industry needs better means to gauge and demonstrate exposure to cyberthreats, and we are happy to collaborate with leading risk vendors to enable the WatchTower Vital Signs Report.”

“Inside-Out” Risk Report Brings Visibility into Organizations’ Telemetry, Identifying Cyber Threat Exposure & Helping Lower Cyber Insurance Premiums


Here are a couple of further announcements from the past week.More news for Fools!!

Expansion into Mexico. ;^) Wepa!!


SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform coupled with Mandiant’s threat intelligence and incident response expertise enables organizations to face the increasing threats of today’s cyber landscape with machine speed technology and services.

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