Seriously? All the old posts are gone forever?

First rule of capitalism: the big dog rules.

Saul’s probably brings as many page views to the Fool as all the other boards combined (on the free side.) Just a guess, of course, but just a bit ago, back when you could read such things, a lot of posts were getting 100 recs or better while even on a “busy” board like MeTAR you’d be lucky to get six.

It was like that once for the Rule Breaker port, and a time ago for the AOL board. And for Mechanical Investing. And for others I’m sure I’ve forgotten about. They chose to give Saul’s some “special treatment” because, well, they did and it’s their company. That’s just how it works, sometimes.

This too shall pass. It may already be passing…


Nor relatives the the deceased, it seems. I found one board with someone dying from cancer, writing about that she was no longer worried about her worst fear, to be forgotten. Because people would read her stories and pass on to others to read. I’ve lost my father to cancer and wish I had more of what he’s written.

What’s the “harpsichord post”, if may ask?

I bought a new, French double manual harpsichord, custom made for me by one of the world’s most famous builders, for $12,201 in 1984."

…in a thread called “The NOT so Dumb things that you bought?”, perhaps?

Not available here:

That would be the one.

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Ok, so technically, he does matter to TMF:

Profile - JABoa - Motley Fool Community .

It’s “just” all he ever was that doesn’t matter:

Author: DollarIQ
Subject: Remembering JABoa
Date: 5/3/2002 3:42 PM
No. of Recommendations: 43

One year ago today, May 3, 2001, JABoa passed away. The TMF boards was unaware of the reason for his sudden absence until nearly two weeks later at which point, TMFAruba wrote a touching memorial.

Several days later, WonderPup added a few elegant words in JABoa’s memory, as well.

I, myself, never was fully aware of what a wonderful, brilliant, funny, and helpful man JABoa was until after his passing. His greatest legacy, IMO, is the people he left behind who continue to live by similar standards that he did. He was a wonderful man and a great presence. This day shouldn’t pass with a brief mention of him. I was trying to find a few other of his wonderful writings, but I procrastinated too long. If anybody out there has got links to share about him, or by him, please add them here.

Jim, we haven’t forgotten you.

(Not available here:

I’m lost for words, so I’ll leave it at that.


Routinely for some, like all the low carb recipes I created and posted on Low Carb Way of Life, tossing my notes and bookmarking the link, trusting technology. Tried to access one recently. Poof.

Occasionally, for the myriad of growing up tales of our kids, most of which wound up as my top rec’ed posts. You think you are going to remember all the highlights of their growing up, and yes, the details come flooding back with the reading of a post, but the memories are not triggered without the post to do so. Eldest is closer to 30 than the 5 he was when we went selling bananas from our yard door to door, learning to save and budget, developing understanding of business costs and customer service. There were stories after stories about educating the kids financially, about pride of being their mom, and yes, crisis met head on and mostly averted. I had hoped to share these stories with their kids someday. I can’t help but feel my history has been stolen. Too trusting I guess.

I am not a big fan of change, particularly when it comes to technology. I wasn’t happy when TMF decided to stop charging the annual fee, anticipating a decline in commitment to the community and a decline in quality of posts with the elimination of the annual fee comps for quality participation. The fee was minor and the first time I was comped totally unexpected, but I worked hard to live up to that token comp. I know my posting suffered from the lack of token gesture.

Those missing posts are irreplaceable to me.



Exactly, though I am sorry to see you get it.



I was just stopping by to say merry Christmas and my old friends are gone along with my posts.

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Shocking, isn’t it. You can cruise by Manlobbi’s new Old Fool style board and see if they migrated over to there: Many of us cruise both boards and some that had issues with the new format here have made there their home instead. If you don’t see the boards you frequented there, you can put up a request to have it reopened.



Keep in mind the location for the new boards is, as digitalscores was a temporary location which will close down soon.


Never again.


It’s interesting that the Fool would disable decades worth of Fool chat with these changes. The fact is that the only reason I subscribed to the Fool premium offerings were the Fool Community. The community was their value add, and they seem to miss that. To bad, I unsubscribed and left, only occasionally coming back for a look-see to see if they’ve figured out their blunder.

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